Re-imagining our town centres - Hounslow Vision Autumn 2022

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Closes 11 Dec 2022

Theme 1 - Shift from grey to green

Significantly green the town centre – with new green spaces and planting on the high street. Improve connections to green spaces beyond the town centre.

Here are some proposals for improvement

Proposal A: Open spaces: enhancing and creating open space on the high street with more planting and biodiversity.

Proposal BTown-wide greening: Sustainable Urban Drainage, planting, green-roofs and trees to green urban spaces, overcome flooding issues, improve the character and unique feel of the centre, create play space, increase biodiversity and contribute to urban cooling.

Proposal C: Greening of routes: Improve the quality and legibility of routes to green spaces, parks and leisure destinations.

Proposal D: Active routes and spaces: Make the town centre a place for sport and leisure with exercise zones and routes.

Proposal E: Ensure that new development and retrofitting contributes to urban greening in the town centre

Proposal FCommunity and business involvement: explore ways to engage with local businesses and community groups to help with care and ownership of spaces.

1. Rank the projects above in the order you'd like to see them happen - with 1 being the first, to 6 being the last