Re-imagining our town centres - Chiswick Vision - Autumn 2022

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Closes 11 Dec 2022

Theme 1 - A flourishing local centre with a mixed offer for all

Support local shops, traders, businesses, the evening and night-time economy. Promote community-led ideas and initiatives that address local issues and improve the town centre.

Here are some proposals for improvement

Proposal A: Support networks between retailers, traders, businesses and community groups to agree and deliver shared objectives e.g. events, markets.

Proposal BMarketing that creates a better understanding of Chiswick’s offer e.g. shopping, heritage, leisure, entertainment, eating and drinking.

Proposal C: Identify and take steps to fill gaps in Chiswick’s offer e.g. for young people, families and the elderly

Proposal D: Positively encourage specialist, independent and boutique shops in Chiswick to reinforce its unique shopping attraction.

Proposal E: Make best use of vacant shops, running local competitions to dress windows and support innovative, short-term leasing for small and independent retailers.

1. Rank the projects above in the order you'd like to see them happen - with 1 being the first, to 5 being the last