Re-imagining our town centres - Feltham Vision Autumn 2022

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Closes 11 Dec 2022

Theme 1 - a friendly and vibrant identity

Explore opportunities to transform Feltham from a functional town centre into a beautiful and more aspirational destination that celebrates its history.

Here are some proposals for improvement

Proposal A: Support and protect High Street heritage landmarks such as St Catherine’s House and Feltham Green.

Proposal BCelebrate the wider heritage of the area through improvements to the heritage trail, connections to Hanworth Park House and Old Feltham.

Proposal C: Improve the High Street with more greenery, better shopfronts and a safer atmosphere. Add murals and colourful crossings to add personality.

Proposal D: Work with community groups to work towards a town which is more friendly, with a stronger, active identity  and overall sense of security

Proposal E: Support and expand the existing market stalls in The Centre; bring in themed craft and farmers markets, and encourgae community events in the space

1. Rank the projects above in the order you'd like to see them happen - with 1 being the first, to 5 being the last