The Thriving Communities Fund

Closed 21 Oct 2019

Opened 6 Sep 2019

Results Updated 20 Jan 2020

The results of the consultation have been published, along with a detailed summary of the actions that we have taken in response to the feedback we have received.



The Thriving Communities Fund brings together a number of different funding streams which aim to support community projects or initiatives and / or voluntary sector delivered services or activities. These include funds previously available through Neighbourhood CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) and the Community Partnerships Unit administered Community Grants, Small Grants and Community Impact Fund (CIF).
It also includes additional Housing Revenue Account (HRA) investment to support community initiatives and projects with a clear benefit to Hounslow Housing tenants.

The key changes are:

1. Funding from Community Partnerships, Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy and Housing Revenue Account will now be allocated through one fund.

2. There will be a significant increase in funding available with additional investment from the Housing Revenue Account. The overall value of the fund will vary annually depending on the level of CIL funding for that year.

3. Funding will be available through three different strands - Small, Medium and Large - with application processes and monitoring requirements proportionate to the value of the grant:

  • Small Grants of £750 or less
  • Medium Grants of up to £15,000
  •  Large Grants of between £15,000 and £50,000

4. Small Grants will be allocated in two funding rounds each year in the Spring and Autumn.

5. Medium and Large Grants will be offered through one funding round each year. The application period will run from November to January each year with funding approved in advance of the new financial year.

6. The designated area of neighbourhood CIL will be the borough as a whole, rather than the current five forum areas.

7. We will be introducing an online application form to replace the current word documents.

8. Two Thriving Community Fund Officers will be available to support residents, community groups and VCSE organisations to deliver projects and to advise on the application process.

An Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) has  been prepared to ensure the needs of the whole community are being met and that no one group is unfairly impacted by the proposals. An Easy Read version of the draft guidance notes on the new Fund is provided in the downloads section below.

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting you because we want to ensure that the Fund is fit for purpose as soon as it is launched and that you are provided with clear guidance and a user-friendly application process.


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