Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation

Closed 3 Apr 2019

Opened 23 Jan 2019


Hounslow Council's additional licensing scheme for privately rented Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) will expire in May 2019 and we propose to extend additional licensing for another five year period.

Why do we need an additional scheme? 

The national mandatory scheme only applies to HMOs where bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities are shared and where there are 5 or more persons. This doesn’t include rented properties that have been subdivided into flats where there is no sharing of facilities.

Our current borough-wide additional licensing scheme applies to HMOs with shared facilities in buildings that contain 2 or more stories and 4 or more persons and includes rented properties that were subdivided into self-contained units without the appropriate Building Regulation requirements. Bringing them under HMO licensing controls allows us to bring them up to current building and safety standards.

About the new proposed scheme

The new proposed borough wide scheme covers a greater number and type of HMOs than both the national mandatory licensing scheme and our existing scheme. We are proposing that the scheme will apply to shared HMOs with 3 or more persons. The previous 2 story requirement has been removed and single story HMOs will be included. We will continue to include rented properties that were subdivided into self-contained units without the appropriate Building Regulation requirements.

It is important that we make sure that the homes that tenants rent through the private sector are to a good standard, and that those tenants take responsibility for their homes and the neighbourhood they live in. We believe that the extension of additional licensing will help us to continue with the positive changes that we have already seen and continue to improve housing standards in the private rented market and will support us to tackle rogue landlords.

Why your views matter

We would like to hear your views on the proposal to extend additional HMO licensing for a further 5 years and as to whether the scheme should apply to all parts of the borough or in specific areas only. We are proposing to apply minimum licence conditions in respect of property standards and management to strengthen the Council’s powers to eliminate dangerous and overcrowded accommodation and bring rogue landlords to account. We will be seeking views as to whether these are reasonable and will improve housing standards and management. 

What happens next

Once the consultation has been completed the results will be published and made available to the local community. This will be in the form of a summary of the responses received and will demonstrate how these have either been acted on or not, giving reasons.



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