Draft Licensing Policy

Closed 27 Jul 2020

Opened 1 Jun 2020


Under the Licensing Act 2003, councils must produce a Statement of Licensing Policy at least every 5 years. Licensing in this case means alcohol, most forms of public entertainment, club premises and late-night refreshment (food served any time after 11pm and before 5am). It also includes temporary event notices (TENs) which can be applied for by licensed venues, other businesses and members of the public. 

The London Borough of Hounslow must publish an updated Statement of Licensing Policy by November 2020. This consultation is on the draft version of the Council’s updated policy and the research that underpins it. 

Why We Are Consulting

The Council is consulting not only because it is a legal requirement, but because the licensing policy potentially affects everyone who operates a licensed premises, residents, other businesses and public authorities. Because of this the Council wants to ensure that the widest number of people have been able to comment on it, so changes can be made to the final document that make it more robust, more locally responsive and easier to understand. 

There are also three significant changes to this version of the policy, which the consultation specifically asks your for your feedback on. These are:

  • The proposed extension of the Cumulative Impact Area (otherwise unchanged) to include parts of Heston (see map below).
  • The introduction of ‘core hours’, outside of which the Council will normally expect to see additional controls and due diligence around issues such as noise nuisance, customer dispersal, littering, security and so on.
  • The introduction of ‘model conditions’. Whilst these are not a statutory requirement, they have proved successful in other boroughs in helping licence applicants prepare their applications.

CIP Area map showing proposed extension to cover Heston

These new proposals only apply to new or varied licences, not existing licences.

This is why the Council is keen to hear your views on the draft policy.

What Happens Next

After the consultation closes, all the feedback received will be reviewed by Council officers and a report sent to the Licensing Committee. This will suggest changes to the draft policy so that Councillors may decide what changes to make in order that a final policy can then be presented for approval to a session of the Full Council in September 2020. The results will be added to this page in due course.


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