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  • Voluntary & Community Sector Survey: 2019

    Every year Hounslow Council's Community Partnerships Unit carries out a survey of the VCSE sector in the Borough. The survey is open to all charities, social enterprises, faith and community groups in Hounslow. More
    Closes in 1 month
  • Cambridge Road CPZ

    Hounslow Council's Traffic & Transport Team have received a petition from residents requesting the introduction of parking controls due to obstructive and indiscriminate parking in the area which is reportedly being caused by non-residential parking. As a result, the council are now commencing a... More
    Closes in 3 weeks
  • Grosvenor Park Community Engagement Survey

    Grosvenor Park is an asset for local residents who use the park for lots of different recreational activities. We recognise that improvements are needed and we have already identified a number of small changes with our operator GS360, including improvements to the play area, that will hopefully... More
    Closes in 2 weeks
  • Kings Road 'area' CPZ review

    Officers have received requests from local residents to review the currernt CPZ scheme. As a result of this and other sporadic complaints, it has been agreed that a review of all roads within the Kings Road area CPZ would be most appropriate as this would help determine whether there is... More
    Closes in 1 week
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