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  • South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood

    Hounslow Council has launched our Liveable Neighbourhoods project across south Chiswick, with a focus on unlocking potential for more trips to be made by foot, bike and public transport, while improving public space. This will be delivered in partnership with the community, and we have been... More
    Closes 31 August 2020
  • Review of Brentford East CPZ

    Following the introduction of the Brentford East controlled parking zone (CPZ) in October 2017 and the subsequent expansion to include Lionel Road North in August 2019, the council are now commencing a review of the scheme. Before completing the online survey, please refer to the... More
    Closes 17 February 2020
  • Parking and Business Permit Charges - Proposed Changes

    The council is proposing changes to incentivise a move away from higher emission vehicles and towards low or zero emission models. We propose introducing discounts for zero emission vehicles, while charges for more polluting vehicles would be increased. For example, the current... More
    Closes 12 February 2020
  • Kingsley Road, Hounslow - Transport Improvements

    We have developed proposals to create a better pedestrian environment on Kingsley Road from Hounslow East London Underground Station to London Road. The proposals include: Upgrade of the pedestrian crossing outside Hounslow East station and at Cecil Road junction to include a pedestrian... More
    Closes 10 February 2020
  • New Road, Bedfont - One-way southbound

    In June 2018, the council carried out a traffic management consultation following concerns from New Road residents about the volume of traffic using the road as a through-route. There was broad support for the one-way southbound proposal, and an 18 - month trial began in February 2019. ... More
    Closes 10 February 2020
  • Hounslow Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Schedule

    Hounslow Council is reviewing its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging rates. The increased rates from development will be essential to help fund infrastructure (such as transport improvements, health and social care facilities, green and blue infrastructure) needed to support the... More
    Closes 10 February 2020
  • Colonial Road – Traffic Management Proposals

    We would like your views on possible changes to the way traffic can use Colonial Road as a way of reducing the impact of through traffic. The council is inviting you to provide your views on three options: Option 1: No entry into Colonial Road at Bedfont Lane Option 2: Alternative... More
    Closes 10 February 2020
  • York Road - cycle parking consultation

    The council has an existing bikehangar installed on York Road, Brentford, near to the junction with Brook Lane North. This bikehangar is fully subscribed with a waiting list for spaces, so we are therefore proposing to install a second hangar in order to meet this demand. Bikehangars offer... More
    Closes 5 February 2020
  • Sparrow Farm Infant School - School Streets

    In recent years, the council has stepped up its efforts to tackle problems associated with traffic around schools at drop-off and pick-up times, notably road safety concerns, poor air quality, and inconvenience to residents. Following successful trials in other parts of... More
    Closes 2 February 2020
  • Young Inpectors, Young peoples Placements survey

    Hounslow Young Inspectors are a group of Care Experienced young people who have experience of living in semi-independent provider accommodation. The group have put together a series of surveys and face to face interviews and building inspections. This survey is for young people living in... More
    Closes 31 January 2020
  • Young Inspectors, Semi-Independent placement providers survey

    Hounslow's Corporate Parenting, Participation Service has come together with young people to gain insight on ways of working and practice within our Semi-independent Placement providers. We currently work with and have young people placed with over 30 provider organisations who, whilst all... More
    Closes 31 January 2020
  • Parking Ticket Charges - Proposed Increase

    London has two charging levels for Parking Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), often known as parking tickets. Hounslow is a Band B borough except for the Twickenham Stadium Event scheme, which already operates at the higher Band A level. We now propose applying to become a Band A... More
    Closes 26 January 2020
  • Review of Chiswick West CPZ

    Following concerns raised by residents regarding the impending relocation of Brentford Football Club to its new Lionel Road stadium and the potential parking difficulties this may cause in surrounding roads, the council is now consulting residents and businesses regarding the possibility of... More
    Closes 24 January 2020
  • Review of Stile Hall CPZ

    Following concerns raised by residents regarding the impending relocation of Brentford Football Club to its new Lionel Road stadium and the potential parking difficulties this may cause in surrounding roads, the council is now consulting residents and businesses regarding the possibility of... More
    Closes 24 January 2020
  • Kirton Close CPZ Consultation

    Hounslow Council's Transport & Environmental Strategy Team has received complaints from residents of Kirton Close concerning excessive and indiscriminate parking occurring in the road. As a result of these complaints, the council is now consulting on the possible inclusion of Kirton Close... More
    Closed 10 January 2020
  • Autumn Hounslow SEND Local offer survey 2019

    The Hounslow Local Offer aims to provide clear and helpful information regarding services, provision and activities for children and young people with SEND who live in Hounslow. Please fill in the survey to help us make the Hounslow Local Offer better. More
    Closed 31 December 2019
  • Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation

    Hounslow Council's additional licensing scheme for privately rented Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) expired in May 2019. We propose to introduce another additional licensing scheme in Hounslow to enable the council to effectively regulate these properties and to help tackle anti-social... More
    Closed 27 December 2019
  • Combining The Triangle and Sandbanks Day Services

    Hounslow Council is consulting on the future delivery of day services. Over recent years the council has made substantial savings, so far these have been without major impact on the delivery of services. We not only continue to maximise our resources and minimise costs in order... More
    Closed 19 December 2019
  • Events Strategy - Parks and Public Spaces

    The London Borough of Hounslow is consulting on the introduction of a new strategy and set of related policies for Events, Festivals and Commercial Use of the Council’s Parks and Public Spaces. The main proposals being consulted on are: The introduction of... More
    Closed 13 December 2019
  • Paxton Road cycle parking

    The council has recently installed our first on-street bikehangar in Chiswick at Ashbourne Grove and has received a further request from several residents on Paxton Road. Bikehangars offer secure cycle parking for residents in areas where the ability to safely store bikes within a property,... More
    Closed 11 December 2019
  • Strand on the Green CPZ Review

    Following the introduction of the Strand on the Green controlled parking zone (CPZ) in November 2017, t he council received requests from residents to consider extending the times the scheme operates to deal with event day parking when Brentford Football Club moves to its new Lionel Road... More
    Closed 9 December 2019
  • Conservation Area Appraisals

    Hounslow's Spatial Planning Team are currently in the process of updating all of our conservation area appraisals. These draft conservation area appraisals set out what makes each conservation area special and outlines why these are important heritage assets. These draft appraisals build on the... More
    Closed 9 December 2019
  • Twickenham to Brentford cycleway - revised proposals for South Street and Upper Square

    As you may be aware, the council recently consulted on proposals to improve the existing cycle route between Ivy Bridge, Isleworth, and London Road, Brentford, shown on the map extract below The route was split into four sections for the purpose of this consultation.... More
    Closed 9 December 2019
  • Proposed Admission Arrangements for 2021-2022 for The London Borough of Hounslow Community Schools

    In accordance with the School Admissions (Admission Arrangements and Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2012, admission authorities are required to consult on any proposed changes to their admission arrangements for a minimum of six weeks. More
    Closed 8 December 2019
  • Ridgeway Road and Grove Road Junction Improvements

    Following concerns raised by local councillors, the council is considering narrowing Ridgeway Road and Grove Road at their junctions with College Road, introducing raised tables at both locations. These measures are designed to reduce vehicle speeds and make it easier and safer for pedestrians... More
    Closed 8 December 2019
  • Proposed Changes To Our Planning Validation Checklist

    This document has been produced to advise agents and applicants on the list of information required by Hounslow council when submitting applications for planning permission or other similar consents. On 6 April 2008 the Government introduced a mandatory Standard Application Form accompanied... More
    Closed 29 November 2019
  • Hounslow Housing Volunteering Survey 2019

    The Hounslow Housing Community Engagement Team would like to find out more about our Hounslow Housing residents and volunteering. Part of what we do is support tenants and leaseholders to get into volunteering, and we will use your feedback to shape how we do that to best meet your needs. This... More
    Closed 29 November 2019
  • Church Street/Mill Plat CPZ Review

    Following the introduction of the experimental Church Street/Mill Platt controlled parking zone (CPZ) in November 2018, the council is now conducting a review consultation before a decision to introduce it as a permanent measure or otherwise is made. Before completing the online... More
    Closed 29 November 2019
  • Shire Horse Way 'Area' Preliminary Consultation

    Hounslow Council's Traffic & Transport Team have received a petition from residents requesting the introduction of parking controls due to obstructive parking. In light of these ongoing concerns and complaints, the council is now consulting on the possible introduction of a... More
    Closed 25 November 2019
  • Worple Road 'Area' CPZ Detailed Design Consultation

    Following initial consultation regarding the introduction of a CPZ in the wider Worple Road ‘area’, the council is now conducting a further ‘detailed design’ consultation to determine if there is majority support for parking controls. This ‘detailed design’ consultation only... More
    Closed 25 November 2019
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