Flood incident survey

Closed 11 Nov 2018

Opened 12 Oct 2018

Results updated 7 Nov 2019

Flooding incident survey results and next steps:

The flooding incident survey undertaken was completed in October/November 2018. The survey provided an opportunity for residents in Brentford North and Hounslow Town Centre and their surrounding area to provide feedback and reports of flooding incidents that may have occurred. These areas were chosen as they formed part of a flood risk study being undertaken, to investigate viable solutions for mitigating flood risk. Both areas were determined in Hounslow 2011 Surface Water Management Plan to be at the greatest risk of flooding.

Residents were informed of the survey via an area wide leaflet drop. This detailed three possible ways to respond to the survey. These were via the survey webpage, email or phone. Approximately 20,000 residents were invited to participate in the survey. The survey primarily asked them to provide details on flooding experienced at their property or in the surrounding area.

The survey ran for 4 weeks from the 12th October to 11th November. During this period, we received 129 responses of which 39 reported experiencing flooding at their properties. The majority of the incidents reported were completed via the link to the survey through Hounslow’s Consultation page. Some incidents were also reported by email and phone.

The results of the survey have been extremely helpful, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. They have primarily been used to verify the modelling of predicted flooding in these areas and have shown a good correlation between the predicted and reported flooding. They will be used to evidence and develop a business case for the delivery of the most viable solutions that is currently going the final stages of development.

They will also be used alongside other flood incidents reported previously and since the survey to investigate into other flooding problems in the area and borough wide.

The survey has also helped raise awareness of flooding issues across the borough and the flooding@hounslow.gov.uk account has received a significant number of recorded incidents since opened last year. Providing residents with an easy to use platform to report flooding which can then be investigated into further.


Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It should take you between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on your answers.

The information you provide will help us investigate the causes of flooding in your area and inform the assessment, development and implementation of engineering schemes for the alleviation of flooding. If you have any enquiries regarding this questionnaire, please refer to the adjacent contact details.

What happens next

This survey is now closed. The results of this survey willl be used to inform flood investingations and flood alleviation schemes feasibility studies in your area. 


  • Central Hounslow
  • Isleworth and Brentford