Kingsley Avenue Park - Flood Alleviation Scheme

Closed 30 Apr 2021

Opened 12 Mar 2021

Feedback updated 15 Feb 2023

We asked

For the opinions of residents who lived in the vicinity of Kingsley Avenue Park on a potential flood alleviation scheme utilising SuDS in Kingsley Avenue Park.

You said

There was general support for the proposal of creating a wetland in the park as a method of flood alleviation. Some respondents felt that this would increase their use of the park. Some comments were raised around access to the park and amenity benefits of the wetland. Overall the reaction of the respondents was in support of the proposed SuDS scheme.

We did

The delivery of the scheme in Kingsley Park has not been finalised. If the scheme is to proceed, the results from the consultation will be taken into consideration.

Results updated 15 Feb 2023

This survey was carried out between 12th March 2021 and 20th April 2021 to ask for the opinions of residents on potential implementation of a SuDS scheme in Kingsley Avenue Park.

All respondents lived in or in the immediate area of Kingsley Avenue and Kingsley Avenue Park at the time of the consultation survey. None of the respondents had experienced or witnessed flooding in the area. A majority of respondents either strongly supported or supported the option of the Council building a wetland in Kingsley Park, with a majority also responding that they believed a wetland would bring improvements to the area.

Responses to the survey suggest that the council would need to consider access to the park and the amenity that it would provide, as these were issues raised by some respondents.


The London Borough of Hounslow is proposing to build a wetland in Kingsley Park. The wetland will improve nature in the park and reduce risk of flooding in the area. Hounslow identified Kingsley Avenue as an area at high risk of flooding.

What is a wetland?

A wetland is a natural way of slowing and storing water. It consists of a small basin containing plants. Rainfall and water from the surface water sewers fill the wetland. Some of this water feeds the plants or is absorbed by the soil.

The wetland can host wildlife and will attract beneficial pollinators, butterflies, birds, and other creatures. The wetland will become dry during long periods without rain.

The proposed wetland can be seen here.  In addition, the park area surrounding the wetland will be lowered to provide additional water storage during big rainfall events. This area will be dry most of the year and can be used for recreation activities.

How will this wetland reduce the risk of flooding?

The Kingsley Park wetland can act as a temporary storage for excess water from the Kingsley Avenue sewers as well as the ground surface. This allows the sewers to hold more water and can reduce the risk of flooding. 

For more information on how wetlands help alleviate flooding, see these links:

If you would like to read more information about Hounslow's Climate Emergency Action Plan and Greener Borough Framework, you can find them at the following links:

Why your views matter

Why we are engaging

We want to hear your feedback about the Kingsley Park wetland before we take any further action. Please complete the survey below to let us know your opinion. We will review your feedback and decide the best way forward for the proposed scheme.

What happens next

The consultatiion is now closed. We will review your feedback and decide the best way forward for the proposed scheme.


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