Mental Health Support for Young People in Care and Care Leavers

Closed 23 Sep 2018

Opened 30 Aug 2018

Results updated 21 May 2019

The following is a highlight of the most common issues raised by care leavers and how they have been responded to. 1. Care Leavers said they find it hard to access mental health support as there are long waiting lists and they get less support once they turn 18. In response to this a new post has been commissioned within Hounslow Youth Counselling Service, exclusively for Care Leavers to access mental health support. This is in the form of five x 1 hour counselling slots available per week and a weekly 3-hour drop in where no appointment is necessary. 2. Care Leavers told us that they are most likely to speak to their friends about mental health challenges and they wanted to have more awareness of mental health issues and learn self-coping skills . They also said that mental health is a key factor in ensuring they are able to transition well to independent living. In response to this, a well-being program has been developed by the Participation Service and the Looked After Children and Care Leaver’s Therapeutic Team for young people aged 16+. The sessions will include self-help and coping skills and information and guidance on common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 3. Care Leavers told us that they did not have enough information about support and services available to them. In response to this a comprehensive guide has been produced and distributed which details information about local and national services, websites, helplines and what to do if someone is experiencing a mental health crisis.


This survey is aimed at young people looked after by Hounslow or receiving Leaving Care support. Hounslow would like to find out how well you are supported with your emotional and mental health and what more we could do. This survey is for all young people in care and care leavers whether you have received support with your emotional/mental health or not. We would love to hear from you.

Why we want your views

We are asking these questions to improve the support and services that we provide for young people to help with emotional and mental health. Your views and experiences will be shared anonymously with decision-makers and funders (the people who decided what money is spent on) in Hounslow.

What happens next

All the views and experiences gathered in this survey will be put together into a report along with views and experiences gathered during a focus group and telephone interviews. This report will be shared with funders, decision-makers and young people in care and care leavers with what you said, what we did with what you said, and what is happening because of what you said.


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