Young Inspectors, Semi-Independent placement providers survey

Closes 31 Jan 2020

Opened 25 Jun 2019


Hounslow's Corporate Parenting, Participation Service has come together with young people to gain insight on ways of working and practice within our Semi-independent Placement providers. We currently work with and have young people placed with over 30 provider organisations who, whilst all committed to a shared set of standards, all deliver their services differently.

Young people have given a wide range of feedback about their time living in placement and we would like to get an overview of practice from all perspectives with the hope of sharing best practice and highlighting the great work being done, as well as making recommendations for improvement. As Young Inspectors, young people have led on compiling the questions of the surveys, planning the project and will carry out supervised placement inspections towards the end of July.

Why We Are Consulting

This year we have focused on two themes throughout our consultations with young people:

  1. Transitions
  2. Preparing for independence

Clearly, the experience of young people whilst living with Semi-independent Placement providers impacts both these themes greatly. Their time and the work Keyworkers carry out with our young people is what prepares them for their future. We want to make sure we get it right for our young people and we are sure providers also want to get it right by providing their best quality services. We cannot do this without the insight of all stakeholders. We will be consulting with young people on their placement experience and with placement provider managers and key workers. We aim to finalise the project by the end of August 2019.

This questionnaire is for Semi-Independent Placement providers. 

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