Proposed Changes To Our Planning Validation Checklist

Closed 29 Nov 2019

Opened 14 Oct 2019


This document has been produced to advise agents and applicants on the list of information required by Hounslow council when submitting applications for planning permission or other similar consents.

On 6 April 2008 the Government introduced a mandatory Standard Application Form accompanied by changes to the procedures involved in the validation of applications.

There are two elements to the new validation requirements:

  • A national list of mandatory information that must be submitted with every planning application.
  • A local list of additional information that may be required when making an application to the London Borough Of Hounslow.

The Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 2015 (GDPO) requires, as a minimum, that an application for planning permission includes the items set out in the national list.

The National Planning Practice Guidance on validation requirements states that a local list must be:

  • Reasonable, having regard in particular to the nature and scale of the proposed development; and
  • Be about a matter that is reasonable to think it will be a material consideration in the determination of the application.

In addition, the local planning authority must consult on a draft local list, formally adopt the local list and publish it on its website, and review the local list every two years.

While we are not proposing to make any major changes to our local list as part of this review, we have: 

  • Updated links and policies where relevant
  • Clarified some wording
  • Separated some categories for additional clarity

Have Your Say

We would be grateful to receive any comments or feedback you can give on the validation checklist.

Please submit any comments or feedback either by filling in the form using the link below, or by email to Catherine Gordon.

Comments should be received by 5pm Wednesday 29 November 2019.

Please see below to download the proposed changes to the validation checklist as a zip. file.


What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed. We will review the comments and publish the results on this page when they are available. 


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