Charlton House and Albany House Draft Tenant Offer and Leaseholder Offer

Closed 26 Jan 2021

Opened 17 Dec 2020


As part of the consultation on the regeneration of Charlton House and Albany House, the council will carry out a resident ballot in accordance to the Greater London Authority's guidance on ballots. 

The Landlord Offer is the council's proposal that residents will need to vote on. This consultation is your chance to feed back on the draft offer before the final version is published that you will then be asked to vote on. 

This consultation will be of interest to secure council tenants and leaseholders, to whom the offer on future housing requirements is relevant, and temprorary accommodation residents who may be eligible for compensation. 

A separate consultation has been carried out on the design principles. Details on that can be found at

Why your views matter

We are consulting secure tenants, temporary accommodation residents and leaseholders on the draft Tenant Offer and Leaseholder Offer to ensure that residents of Charlton House and Albany House have helped to influence and shape the offer to meet local needs.

It is important that residents have all the relevant information and understand how the regeneration will affect them, so they are able to make an informed decision when they vote in the ballot. Please read the draft Tenant Offer and Leaseholder Offer documents at the bottom of the page before filling in the survey. 

What happens next

The Landlord Offer will be developed from the feedback from the consultation of the draft Tenant Offer and draft Leaseholder Offer.  A feedback report of the consultation will be published on this page and on our website at Where we have not made changes on any of the feedback, we will explain the reasons why.


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