Designing Convent Way

Closed 12 Apr 2021

Opened 24 Feb 2021


The Design Principles will form part of the council's proposal that residents will need to vote on. This consultation is your chance to feed back on the initial designs for Convent Way. We will revise the designs based on the consultation and a second consultation will take place in April. Consultation on the final design will take place in June. These designs will then form part of the Landlord Offer, which you will be asked to vote on in July.

This consultation will be of interest to secure council tenants and resident leaseholders, who will be offered a home in the new neighbourhood.  

If you live on Convent Way, the brochure will have been posted through your door. You can also read it by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. If you need another paper copy, or need help to take part in this consultation, you can contact us on or 07966244687. 

We're also doing zoom workshops, so keep an eye out for details of these in the weekly newsletters. 

A separate consultation has been carried out on the draft Tenant Offer and draft Leaseholder Offer. 

Further details on the Convent Way regeneration proposals can be found at


What happens next

Thanks for your interest in this consultation. The consultation is now closed and we are looking at the results. This page will be updated in due course with next steps. 

Further details on the regeneration of Convent Way can be found at


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