Draft Allotments Strategy

Closed 23 Jun 2020

Opened 19 May 2020


We are seeking your views to inform how we can improve your experience and the service of the allotment sites we manage in the borough. The draft allotment strategy (2020 - 2025) will help determine the future direction of these services. We know they are important to you.

M·E·L Research, an independent market research company, is carrying out the consultation on behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow.

Please read the draft strategy (see link at the bottom of the page) before responding to this survey, particularly the priorities and action plan, as we want to know if you think we got them right.

Why your views matter

The draft allotment strategy sets out the wider context for the strategy and provides background information on allotments in the UK and within Hounslow. The strategy also sets out local allotment provision and current demand. It has been shaped from the extensive engagement process we
carried out during 2019, in which we consulted with both allotment holders and non-users to understand their needs, priorities and perceptions.

The purpose of this consultation is to give you the chance to feed back on the draft allotment strategy, in particular it's vision and action plan for 2020 - 2025. Please note, if you have any comments on the structure or background of the strategy, please add these in the additional comments box at the end of the survey.

All feedback on the draft strategy will be considered and will be used to shape the final strategy.

As outlined in the strategy, one of the key actions will be to establish an Allotments Forum that together with the Greener Reference Group and the Greener Borough Leadership Board will develop and monitor how the strategy's vision is implemented.

To read a short summary of this forward-looking strategy, please click here.

Please respond to this consultation by 23rd June 2020. Your feedback will be used to help shape the strategy. Please take some time to tell us what you think.


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