Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy Validation Survey

Closed 5 Sep 2021

Opened 16 Jul 2021


London Borough of Hounslow is developing a green and blue infrastructure (GBI) strategy which will;

• Identify and provide an assessment of the green and blue infrastructure network;

• Set out the key drivers and ‘needs’ for GBI in the borough;

• Identify areas of deficiency in terms of quality, value and accessibility;

• Identify priority areas and areas of opportunity. To include improvements to existing GBI and new GBI; and

• Set out mechanisms for deliver. To include priority projects, actions and partnership working.

We now have a draft of this document and are seeking your views to shape the final strategy.

You can find the draft Strategy and the Executive Summary at the bottom of this page. The Executive Summary is here and you may wish to keep this open for reference as you complete the survey.

CFP, a specialist greenspace consultancy is carrying out the consultation on behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow. All information you provide will be held securely by us in line with our Privacy Policy. No personal data will be shared with anybody else.

Why your views matter

The Green Infrastructure strategy is part of Hounslow’s Greener Borough framework and a key document that will play an important part in the borough’s green recovery.

In November 2020 the Council undertook a consultation to shape the strategy and the draft strategy has now been finalised.

This consultation is to assess whether we got the priorities right and whether we captured the right messages from the first round of  consultation

What happens next

Thank you for your interest this is survey is now closed.

Comments will be analysed and used to inform the final version of the Strategy. 

Once the Strategy is finalised and approved it will be accessible on the Council website. 


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