Heston Community Garden in Sutton Playing Fields

Closed 15 Nov 2020

Opened 5 Oct 2020


The London Borough of Hounslow have been presented with a proposal from the Heston Action Group (HAG) who are seeking approval to set up a Heston Community Garden within Sutton Playing Fields. Heston Action Group is a community based group whose aim is to make Heston a better neighbourhood that is clean & green.

A community garden is a dedicated area for growing food, vegetables and fruit. The community garden will provide a valuable resource for enhancing social cohesion, horticultural learning and personal development skills, whilst increasing health and wellbeing through activity and sharing food growing knowledge from diverse cultures. Please explore the links below for examples of established community gardens.




The aim of the Heston Community Garden is to encourage a joint effort among the local community to create a thriving and sustainable growing space. The community will be involved in developing the garden by sharing the upkeep and garden rewards, while enjoying the benefit of learning from each other. There will also be opportunities to gain new skills and to work in collaboration on other growing projects and greening initiatives in the borough.  

The council have declared a Climate Emergency and are currently working towards producing a Greener Borough Framework. The creation of this community garden will enable Heston residents to be actively involved in participating to prepare for a sustainable future for Hounslow.

Heston Action Group will lead on the development of the project with the initial activity being the creation of protected raised beds and a fruit tree orchard. HAG would then further develop the proposed ideas as shown in the Community Garden Planting Plan (see attachments below), which would need to be achieved through fund raising activities by HAG and in agreement with council procedures and requirements.

If you would like to contact Heston Action Group for more details on their proposal please use the links below:




What happens next

This survey is now closed. Many thanks to all of you who took part. We are now working alongside Heston Action Group to consider the results of the survey and will post an update here in due course. 


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