Proposal to Amalgamate Hounslow Heath Infant & Nursery and Hounslow Heath Junior Schools

Closed 16 Nov 2022

Opened 28 Sep 2022


The Council is currently seeking views on its proposal to create a new primary school in January 2024 by amalgamating Hounslow Heath Infant & Nursery and Hounslow Heath Junior schools. This initial stakeholder consultation runs from 28 September to 16 November 2022.

Why your views matter

This stage of the consultation process provides an opportunity for the Council to consider responses from parents/carers, staff and governors, the local community and other interested parties. Details of the proposal can be found in our Consultation Document below.

What happens next

Following the stakeholder consultation on the Local Authority’s proposal to amalgamate the Hounslow Heath schools, a report will be prepared for the Council’s Cabinet, seeking a decision on whether or not to proceed to the next stage of publishing Statutory Notices on amalgamation.  The Council will consider all views expressed during the consultation, including minutes from meetings held during the consultation period with stakeholders.  Cabinet Members will then decide what happens next at their meeting in January 2023.  At this point the Cabinet will have three choices:

  • To not proceed and stop the process – in this case the separate infant and junior schools would remain.
  • To change the proposal as a result of the consultation feedback – the next steps would then depend on what the new proposal was.
  • To proceed with the amalgamation proposal – in this case, the Local Authority would publish Statutory Notices as the next step.

If agreed to proceed to the next stage of publishing Statutory Notices, there will be a four-week representation period for responses and comments on the notices.


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