Proposal to Amalgamate Hounslow Heath Infant & Nursery and Hounslow Heath Junior Schools - Consultation Stage 2

Closed 8 Mar 2023

Opened 8 Feb 2023


Following the initial Stakeholder Consultation held 28 September - 16 November 2022 regarding the proposed amalgamation of Hounslow Heath Infant & Nursery and Hounslow Heath Junior schools, Cabinet Members took the decision on 17 January 2023 to continue to the next stage of consultation, publication of Statutory Notices.

Why your views matter

Having gathered the views of stakeholders from the school community during the initial consultation stage, as part of the statutory process the Local Authority must now publish notice to allow any organisation, group or individual to submit comments on the proposal. All comments gathered during the consultation process will be considered by the Schools Adjudicator in order to inform the final decision.

Within four weeks from the date of publication of these proposals, any person may object to, support, or comment on the proposals by writing to the School Organisation Officer, Children’s & Adults’ Services, London Borough of Hounslow, Hounslow House, 7 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EB, or by email to: . Comments must be submitted by midnight 8th March 2023.


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