Article 4 Direction - Consultation

Closes 9 Sep 2022

Opened 15 Jul 2022


Hounslow Council has introduced new measures for landlords who have houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). Landlords – who want to convert family homes into HMOs for three to six tenants – will now have to obtain planning permission from the Council.

Dubbed the ‘Article 4 Direction’, this new measure aims to address the increasing concerns among residents about the negative impact of HMOs in local communities. It will allow the Council to manage the impact of HMOs on residential amenity and area character, and to make sure they are providing a suitable standard of living for residents.

The Direction will help achieve the following Council corporate outcomes:

  • People live in good homes and pleasant neighbourhoods 
  • Residents and businesses benefit from a sustainable and green borough and
  • People are connected and feel part of a community

Why your views matter

The council values the input of residents and this consultation will enable anyone who is interested in policy and planning, to make their views known.


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