Proposed Additions to the Local List

Closed 6 Mar 2019

Opened 23 Jan 2019

Results updated 7 Jan 2020

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our consultation.  We review the consultation responses and amended the document as appropriate.  The local list was adopted by cabinet in September of 2019.  


The London Borough of Hounslow is in the process of updating our local list. A number of buildings, sites and structures have been nominated for the local list. These have been assessed and a list of proposed additions to the local list composed.  We have also set out the nominations we assessed and which are not proposed for the local list, along with an explanation of why these are not proposed for the local list.  We would now like to seek the community’s views on the proposed additions to the local list. 

What is a local list?

A local list is a list of buildings or sites which are recognised for their contribution to the local character and distinctiveness. Local lists, statutory listing and conservation areas contribute significantly to the character of an area and the quality of the built environment.  The local list gives recognition to assets which are considered to have local, rather than national significance.  Buildings which are nationally significant often qualify for statutory listing.  The list is not confined just to buildings; assets of various types can be added to the local list.

What does being on the local list mean?

  • Items on the list are non-designated heritage assets. Although local listing does not come with additional planning controls, it is a material consideration in the planning process.
  • Being on the local list is not the same as being “listed”, and listed building consent applications are not necessary to do works to a locally listed building. There is also not the same statutory protection afforded to local listed buildings as there are for “listed” buildings.
  • There will be a presumption in favour of preserving the particular significance of non-designated heritage assets, however this will be balanced against other material considerations when assessing any planning application.
  • Being on the local list does not restrict permitted development rights. However, we may consider introducing Article 4 directions if we consider that works carried out under permitted development rights would result in harm to the significance of a non-designated heritage asset.

Applications for planning permissions for works affecting a building or structure on the local list will be required to show that the significance of the non-designated asset has been considered in the proposed works.

Why we are consulting

We would like to get the community's views on the proposed additions to the local list. Our aim to is to create a local list which reflects Hounslow's diverse heritage. We have involved the community throughout this process, particularly in sourcing nominations for the local list and would now like the community's input on the proposed additions to the list. 

We will be asking you about the whole local list, specific proposed additions to the list, and on the nominations not proposed to add to the local list. 

Additionally, if you have further information on any of the nominations, we would be happy to receive it as part of this consultation. 

The proposed additions to the local list  and the nominations not proposed for the local list are available on the bottom of the page and are organised within the document by area.  Hounslow's existing local list can also be found at the bottom of the page. 


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