Alderney Avenue CPZ

Closed 12 Oct 2018

Opened 14 Sep 2018

Results updated 6 Mar 2019

The consultation feedback demonstrated a lack of support for the proposed CPZ, and the scheme will not be progressed. 


Hounslow Councils’ Traffic & Transport Team have received complaints from residents regarding obstructive and indiscriminate parking in the area which is reportedly being caused by non-residential parking.  As a result, the Council are now commencing a preliminary consultation with residents and businesses to determine whether there is support for the introduction of parking controls and, if so, the extent of this support. 

Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an opportunity to assess the proposals before indicating whether you would support a controlled parking zone (CPZ),  The CPZ proposals extend to Alderney Avenue, Camborne Way, Channel Close, Guernsey Close, Hardwicke Avenue, Heston Road (part), Jersey Road (part), Lime Tree Road, Skinners Lane, Sutton Road and Upper Sutton Lane (part).

The consultation also extends to those properties on the northern side of the Great West Road, between its junctions with Jersey Road and Upper Sutton Lane, as these are likely to be directly affected by any potential parking scheme.  It should, however, be noted that no parking controls are proposed for this section of road as it is managed by Transport for London (TfL) and, therefore, the Council do not have the relevant authority to introduce parking controls without TfLs consent.  (Please note the additional comments below)



419-445 Great West Road – Possible Parking Proposals on TfL Managed Highway

The Council are aware of sporadic complaints being received in relation to ‘all-day’ parking attributed to non-residents or local business personnel. Whilst the council is sympathetic to these concerns, the Great West Road is part of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) and we do not have the authority to implement parking controls on the TLRN without the approval of Transport for London (TfL).

Discussions are ongoing between the council and TfL on the permissibility of extending parking controls to the TLRN at agreed locations throughout the borough.  In light of this, the Council will shortly be commencing a consultation with residents and businesses between Nos 419-445 Great West Road to ascertain whether there would be support for the introduction of some form of parking control along this stretch of road.  This consultation will be entirely separate from the Alderney Avenue ‘area’ CPZ consultation referred to in this letter and the results of both consultation will not impact upon one another.

Despite this impending consultation, I would still encourage you to respond with your views on the current Alderney Avenue ‘area’ CPZ consultation.


  • Heston and Cranford