Footway Parking - Argyle Road, Hounslow

Closed 20 Oct 2021

Opened 23 Sep 2020

Results updated 7 Mar 2022

Thank you to all that responded to this consultation.

The results of the consultation indicated that the majority of respondents were in support of formalising footway parking in the road by introducing road markings and associated signage to identify where footway parking is permitted.

Before any such formalisation can occur, the council’s highways contractor has been requested to undertake core sampling of the existing footway to assesses it capacity to withstand long-term footway parking.  Residents will be informed of the outcome and any future works.


In recent years, the council has received a number of complaints regarding the current manner of obstructive parking on Argyle Road, Hounslow where historically, vehicles have been parked partly on the footway (pavement) and partly on the road.  The practice of parking on the footway is prohibited in London unless a road-specific exemption is granted, and the Council have formalised footway parking with marked bays.  However, it is recognised that parking in this manner is necessary in some roads to ensure that vehicles can pass without being obstructed or parked vehicles being damaged.

Before introducing any road markings or signage, the Council would like to know your views on the proposals identified in the plan and whether you support the formalisation of footway parking and, if you have a crossover, what would be your preferred option across it.  


Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an opportunity to assess the proposals before indicating whether you would support them, and to comment on the proposed design. I would encourage you to respond even if you do not experience parking difficulties and/or are not in favour of parking controls.

Before completing the survey on this page, please refer to the information letter and plan, which were sent to residents via post and can be found below in the 'Related' section .

What happens next

Once the consultation responses have been analysed, and should there be support for footway parking to be formalised, this information will be reported to Ward Councillors to make a decision based on the evidence presented from the consultation. A further letter will be provided in due course detailing the outcome of this consultation process and the next course of action.


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