Bath Road, Hounslow (Great West Road to Vicarage Farm Road) - Traffic Management Proposals

Closed 27 May 2019

Opened 29 Apr 2019

Results updated 10 Mar 2020

The consultation on our proposals for Bath Road (Great West Road to Vicarage Farm Road) was held in summer 2019. 

There was support for the proposals, which form part of the council’s long-term vision to make Hounslow’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming, thereby encouraging more people to walk and cycle. A Chief Officer Decision was taken to carry out the scheme, with implementation scheduled for March 2020. To view further details of the decision, please click here (Item 6).

Our contractors will write to any residents/businesses directly affected by the construction, and work is expected to be completed by the autumn.


The London Borough of Hounslow is proposing to make changes to a section of Bath Road, running between the Great West Road (A4) and Vicarage Farm Road, in order to make the road safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

We recently completed the Hounslow West Cycle and Highway Safety Improvements on Bath Road, and now propose to extend the cycle route from Vicarage Farm Road junction westwards to the junction with the A4.

This proposal is to create a safer cycle lane mostly segregated from motor vehicles and pedestrians, which will encourage residents to consider cycling as an alternative to car travel for many minor trips to local areas.

As well as the proposed cycle measures, this project aims to improve pedestrian safety by introducing raised entry treatments on all side road junctions along the route, and by enhancing existing pedestrian crossing facilities along this section of Bath Road and by adding a Parallel Crossing (pedestrian & cycle) adjacent to Springwell Road.

In addition, some changes are proposed to the existing bus stop eastbound, introducing a floating island to avoid conflict with cycle and pedestrian’s movement.

To provide these cycle lanes there will be some localised road widening required on Bath Road and to improve current traffic flows where Bath Road meets the A4 junction.

Once completed, and looking beyond this project it is this Councils aim to extend these cycle proposals to link with Hounslow Town Centre. Investigations around this are already being progressed, which will hopefully further encourage more local people to cycle and walk.

Plans showing these proposals are available under 'related information' below. 

Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an opportunity to assess the proposals before indicating your level of support, and providing any suggestions you may have to improve our proposals.

The A3006 Bath Road is part of the Strategic Road Network within Hounslow and as such is an important and heavily used traffic corridor. The personal injury accident record on this section of road is higher than the borough average with 26 injury accidents over the last five years, five involving pedestrians (including two serious), five involving motor bikes and three involving cyclists.

Providing safer cycling and walking measures that encourage more local trips by cycle and on foot, will have a health benefit to all residents from the exercise gained and by reducing ever increasing traffic congestion and pollution.

Before completing the survey on this page, further information on the proposals, including a plan, are available on the links below in 'related information'. 

If you require paper copies of this information, please email:   

Please return all comments by 27 May 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this consultation.

What happens next

Your feedback to this consultation will be summarised for consideration by Ward Councillors. Where possible we will try and accommodate the comments made in the final design.

The outcome of this consultation will be added to the Council’s consultation page.


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