Brentford Station CPZ

Closed 5 Oct 2018

Opened 7 Sep 2018

Results updated 6 Mar 2019

Following the review of this scheme, it was decided that no changes should be made at the current time.


The Council has received a petition from some residents of York Road requesting alteration of the existing CPZ times to counteract the increase in evening parking attributed to nearby residential developments and ‘Match Day’ parking during Brentford FC home fixtures. As a result of this and other sporadic complaints, it has been agreed that a review of all roads within the Brentford Station CPZ area would be most appropriate as this would help determine whether there is wider support for changes to the existing CPZ. 



Why your views matter

The purpose of this review is to seek the views of those who live within the zone on the effectiveness, or otherwise, of the CPZ and whether improvements could be made to the scheme.  Listed below are some of the issues and concerns that have been brought to our attention by residents and local Councillors. The following online survey is based on these points, Whilst we ask you to comment on these specific raised points, please also let us know of any alternative concerns you may have or suggestions on how the scheme can be improved.



  • Isleworth and Brentford