Partial Chiswick Mall CPZ Review - Informal Consultation

Closes 3 Nov 2021

Opened 6 Oct 2021

Results expected 15 Dec 2021


The council are commencing a partial review of the Chiswick Mall Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) following the inclusion of the Transport for London (TfL) managed area fronting Nos 30-80 Burlington Lane in 2019. 

As you may recall, following discussions with TfL the parking controls were introduced as part of an experimental traffic management order therefore, the primary purpose of the review is to determine whether the CPZ should be retained permanently (with or without alterations) or removed.

Why your views matter

The review seeks the views of those who live within that section of Burlington Lane on the current effectiveness of the CPZ, or otherwise, and to assess whether changes are required if the CPZ is to be retained.

Give Us Your Views


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