Proposed cycling and walking improvements – Staines Road, Bedfont

Closes 17 Jul 2022

Opened 20 Jun 2022


We would like your views on proposals to improve cycling and pedestrian facilities on Staines Road, Bedfont between Cassiobury Avenue and White Bridge Close.  

What are we proposing?

The proposals include:

  • New parallel crossing, cycle tracks and footway widening on Staines Road between the Longford River and Kingston Avenue. A parallel crossing is a combined cycle and pedestrian crossing and would replace the existing pedestrian refuge island. This would create a formal crossing point on Staines Road for pedestrians, and provide a link for cyclists for onward journeys, between Heathrow and Feltham. The proposed footway widening, and cycle tracks will provide additional space for both pedestrians and cyclists in this part of the road. Please see the image below as an example of a parallel crossing:

  • Footway widening on the south side of Staines Road, between the proposed crossing and No. 367, to ensure traffic approaching the crossing is well positioned. The widening will also provide additional space for pedestrians and bus passengers.
  • New raised entry treatment at the junction of Staines Road and Kingston Avenue including a cycle track at footway level, to improve priority for cyclists and pedestrians at this junction.
  • Proposed one-way working in the service road fronting Nos.379a to 359 Staines Road, to simplify traffic movements, reducing the potential for conflicts.
  • New continuous footways at both service road junctions, to provide improved priority for pedestrians. Please see the image below as an example of a continuous footway:

  • Relocation of the pedestrian refuge island outside No.387 Staines Road, to suit new road alignment at the parallel crossing and provide a more direct route for pedestrians to cross to/from Cassiobury Avenue.
  • Upgrade existing single yellow line waiting restrictions at the junction of White Bridge Close to “At Any Time” double yellow lines, to prevent obstructive parking. The length of the restrictions will be reduced to 10 metres, in line with relevant guidance on parking at junctions. No other changes to parking arrangements are proposed.

Why are we proposing this?

The proposals form part of the Council’s commitment to promoting active travel and increasing cycling levels across the borough.

By creating a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians we aim to encourage more people to use these healthy and sustainable forms of transport, whilst keeping traffic moving through this busy section of the Strategic Road Network.

The crossing forms part of wider route between Heathrow and Feltham. This Feltham–Heathrow route is a 3.5km route that uses a mix of traffic-free paths and low trafficked streets to make a connection between the Perimeter Road and Feltham town centre.

The cycle tracks proposed as part of this scheme, will form part of a wider scheme to improve cycling facilities in Staines Road between Bedfont Lane and Baber Bridge. We hope to consult on proposals for the rest of this route by the end of March 2023.

The proposed one-way working in the service road will simplify movements in the service road and is supported by recent traffic surveys that show the majority of vehicles enter at the eastern junction, and exit using the western junction.

A plan of the scheme can be found below in the 'Related documents' section, along with a copy of the consultation letter.   

How to respond 

We welcome your feedback by clicking 'Give us your views' below to complete our short survey, and would ask that you provide your feedback on the scheme by Friday, 17 July 2022. 

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact us by emailing  or calling 020 8583 3322. 

You can also submit your comments to us in writing by email or post - please send any comments to us (quoting: ‘Proposed cycling and walking improvements - Staines Road') to:, or by post to the following address:

Traffic, Transport and Parking, Hounslow House, 7 Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EB

The section of Staines Road in question is shown in the map below:

Why your views matter

We're carrying out this consultation to hear your views on the proposals, we welcome your feedback and would ask that you provide your feedback on the scheme by Friday 17 July 2022.

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