Dockless Bikeshare

Closes 3 Mar 2019

Opened 31 Jan 2019


Early last year, the council approved a 12-month dockless bikeshare trial following an approach by Mobike, who had successfully launched in places including Ealing. This press release informed local residents of the trial, and this webpage was created to keep residents updated and to respond to FAQs.   

Why We Are Consulting

Hounslow residents, especially in the east of the borough where the trial has been focussed, have become accustomed to seeing Mobike's orange bikes over the last 11 months. As we approach the end of the trial period, we wish to hear more residents' views to help us determine our next steps. 

Bikeshare is a fast-changing addition to the urban landscape, and has presented a challenge to councils in many cities.

There are various benefits: it encourages residents to use a travel mode that improves their health, reduces pollution, and helps ease road congestion. It provides greater flexibility to users than docked bikeshare such as the Santander scheme operated by Transport for London (TfL), and can be provided to residents at no cost to the council. The Santander scheme, on the other hand, would be prohibitively expensive to expand into Hounslow.  

However, a poorly-managed scheme can create issues such as bikes being left in unsuitable locations (e.g. the middle of a footpath). Our expectations of Mobike are underpinned by TfL's code of practice, to let operators know what is expected of them, and ensure their schemes complement the public transport network and the Mayor's Transport Strategy. 

To help inform the future direction of bikeshare in the borough, we would be grateful if you could complete our online survey, and encourage your family, friends, and neighbours to do the same. 

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