Lampton Avenue area CPZ - preliminary consultation

Closed 20 Aug 2021

Opened 23 Jul 2021


The council have received a petition requesting the introduction of parking controls, in response to obstructive parking in Lampton Avenue and surrounding roads. It is reported that the volume of non-residential parking has increased following the construction of new residential developments in the area and the introductions of controlled parking zones (CPZ’s) in neighbouring roads. 

In response to this petition, the Council are commencing a consultation with local residents regarding the possible introduction of a CPZ in this area and, therefore, are seeking your views to determine whether there is support for parking controls and, if so, the extent of this support.

The consultation will extend to include the following roads: Berwyn Avenue, Bisley Place, Brookwood Road, Highlands Close, Lampton Avenue, Lampton Road (part), Neville Close, North Dene and Sutton Dene.

Why your views matter

The purpose of the consultation is to give you the opportunity to consider the council’s proposals before indicating whether you would support the introduction of a CPZ or otherwise.  At this stage, the council are only seeking to understand whether there is support for parking controls in the roads consulted and, should there be general support for a CPZ, a further ‘detailed design’ consultation will be undertaken in due course.

Before completing the survey on this page, please refer to the information letter which was sent to area residents via post and can be found below in the 'Related' section . This includes a summary of how CPZs work and the costs involved.


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