Upper Sutton Lane, Proposed Bus Shelter

Closed 23 Sep 2021

Opened 26 Aug 2021


We would like your views on our proposal to install a bus shelter on Upper Sutton Lane in Heston, similar in design to the shelter shown below.

This shelter is proposed for the southbound “Palmer Close”’ bus stop which serves the H28 route towards Hounslow town centre, West Middlesex Hospital and Tesco at Osterley. It would provide all passengers using this stop with some protection from the weather while maintaining sufficient footway widths for pedestrians and those with pushchairs or using mobility aids.

The proposed design includes perch seats and an information panel.

A plan showing the proposal is below. A shelter in this location would not involve any alterations to the existing bus stop markings on the carriageway, or to nearby trees or street furniture.

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Why your views matter

We’re carrying out this consultation in order to hear your views on the proposals. We welcome feedback and comments that can help inform our plans, please refer to the information provided including the map and plan.

You can also submit your comments to us in writing by email or post - please send any comments to us (quoting: 'Upper Sutton Lane') to:  traffic@hounslow.gov.uk, or by post to the following address:

Traffic, Transport and Parking
Hounslow House
7 Bath Road

Should you need this information in an alternative format, please email traffic@hounslow.gov.uk to request this. 

What happens next

Following the end of consultation, the results will be analysed, and feedback provided to your local Ward Councillors for a decision on whether to implement this proposal. Updates will be added to this page as they become available.


  • Heston and Cranford