Dukes Meadows parking proposals

Closed 21 Dec 2018

Opened 23 Nov 2018

Results Updated 8 May 2019

Following careful consideration of the consultation feedback, a small number of revisions were made to the scheme, including a reduction in the proposed chargeable hours. The final recommendations were agreed by the Cabinet Member for Leisure Services on 17th April 2019, and are fully detailed in this report. Officers will now look to programme and implement the scheme in 2019, potentially in a number of phases.  


The Dukes Meadows area of Chiswick is located on the northern side of Chiswick Bridge between the A316 Great Chertsey Road and the River Thames. 

It is an important destination for sports and leisure activities and is home to the Chiswick Rugby Football Club, Old Meadonians Football Club, Dukes Meadows Golf & Tennis, the Skieasy skiing facility, Barnes Hockey Club, The Virgin Active Sports & Leisure Centre, Chiswick Cricket Club and the King’s House Sports Grounds, as well as a number of sculling and rowing clubs.  The Dukes Meadows Bandstand also acts as a focus for leisure visits to and along the river.

These facilities are accessed either from the east along Dan Mason Drive or from the north via Riverside Drive and The Promenade.  Both of these routes are along narrow roads which have few areas which are suitable for on-street car parking. 

Parking restrictions at Riverside Drive have been introduced as a pilot to regulate traffic and make the road safer. The pilot has improved parking arrangements and provided a safer environment with access for emergency vehicles. The council is now proposing to roll out restrictions to the whole site.

Dan Mason Drive and much of The Promenade is not subject to parking restrictions and this can give rise to indiscriminate and obstructive parking activity.  This hinders vehicle movements along these roads and leads to damage to verges by vehicles which park off the carriageway, as well as giving rise to general road safety concerns and provision for emergency vehicle access.

Why We Are Consulting

In the planning application for improvements to the park submitted in November 2017 and approved in February 2018, proposals were put forward and approved for formalising the parking provision in the park.  

These proposals have been discussed informally with stakeholders over the last few months and it is now proposed to progress them to implementation, coupled with the introduction of a charge for parking in the park to further regulate traffic on site.  The proposed tariff is broadly in line with that already in place at Boston Manor Park and as proposed for other parks and open spaces in the borough.

The impact of these proposals would be to rationalise and formalise parking facilities along Dan Mason Drive, The Promenade and Riverside Drive by providing defined areas which are available for car parking and introducing parking controls along both sides of these roads to prevent indiscriminate and obstructive parking activity.  Key features of the proposals are:

  • Provision of formalised parking spaces/bays along Dan Mason Drive and The Promenade;
  • ‘No waiting at any time’ restrictions (double yellow lines) along Dan Mason Drive, The Promenade and Riverside Drive;
  • Loading (up to 20minutes) is permitted on double yellow line restrictions – this would allow, for example, people to load and unload materials associated with the Allotment gardens.
  • New pay-by-phone parking tariff introduced Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm, as shown below;
  • Potential for additional new parking spaces on Riverside Drive to be explored;
  • The parking bays proposed are to be surfaced as per the existing spaces on Riverside Drive to assist in preserving the parkland character of the area;
  • Visual impacts of the scheme minimised through the use of cashless parking (RingGo).  Pay-and-Display machines will not be used;
  • Protected areas for coach turning movements provided on either side of the Bandstand;
  • New parking bays for market visitors on Alexandra Gardens – Sundays only, 10am-2pm; and
  • Re-configured parking layouts at Barnes Hockey Club and Chiswick Boat House car parks to maximise off-street parking provision;

Plans of the proposals can be viewed using the link provided below.  These show where parking spaces are proposed and where double yellow line restrictions would be applied to the carriageway.  Loading will be permitted on double yellow lines for a duration of 20 minutes.

View plan of proposals (opens in new window)

All parking in the bays provided will be charged at the rates shown in the table below and on the plans.  It is proposed that payment for parking will be made through the RingGo pay-by-phone service only, to avoid the need for the disruptive and potentially damaging works that would be needed to provide Pay-and-Display machines in this parkland area.



Up to 1 hour


Up to 2 hours


Up to 3 hours


Up to 4 hours


Up to 5 hours


Over 5 hours


No charge before 9am or after 5pm.  No 24-hour parking.

It is proposed that any revenue generated by the parking charges will be ring-fenced for use to improve the amenity of this important open space, and assist in achieving aims of the Council’s Masterplan for the Dukes Meadows area.

Please provide your responses via the link provided below, by 21 December 2018.

What Happens Next

The Council is keen to understand the views of stakeholders on their proposals for parking at Dukes Meadows.

Further information on the outcomes of this consultation will be provided once the responses received have been considered by the Council and we will inform all stakeholders and interested parties on whether these proposals will be implemented in part or full, at this time.


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