E-cargo bike rental scheme for individuals

Closes 9 Jul 2022

Opened 11 Apr 2022


To reach the mayor’s intended goal of 80% use of sustainable travel by 2041 we are conducting this survey to assess whether an electric cargo (e-cargo) bike would be beneficial for you. We wish to collect data to help promote and maintain e-cargo bike usage on a long-term basis. 

What is an e-cargo bike? 

An e-cargo bike is an electric pedal-assisted bike with storage space on it which can hold up to 100kg. E-cargo bikes provide a multiplicity of benefits, including reduced fuel, maintenance, and parking costs. With zero emissions, it is not only beneficial for the environment, but also one's physical health.  

Try Before you Bike Scheme 

This survey is affiliated with the council’s Try Before You Bike scheme in partnership with Peddle my Wheels, which allows you to try an e-cargo bike  FREE for a month. If you wish to keep using the bike, you can continue paying a monthly fee until you own it, or buy it at a discounted price. The scheme is available to those who live, work or study in Hounslow. For more information about the scheme contact traffic@hounslow.gov.uk. 

This survey will close on the 09/07/2022.

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