East Chiswick CPZ Review

Closed 13 Apr 2020

Opened 28 Feb 2020


We are carrying out a review of the East Chiswick CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) ahead of the opening of a new 5-screen cinema at 94-96 Chiswick High Road in December 2020.

At present, this CPZ operates from 9am - 7pm, Monday to Saturday. While the council and local Residents' Associations are working with the cinema to encourage its customers to avoid arriving by car, it is unrealistic to expect the cinema not to generate some additional demand for parking in the evening.

The approved times in the new cinema's planning consent are from 8am to midnight on Sunday to Thursday, with a slightly later closure of 1am on Friday and Saturday. However, it is understood that the cinema will typically close at 11pm except for special events or when a longer film is showing.

Based on this information, the council believes it may be appropriate to extend the CPZ hours as follows: 

  • Monday – Saturday, 9am – 9pm
  • Sunday, 5pm – 9pm

Please use the short survey below to let us know your thoughts on this idea, and any other suggestions you may have regarding changes to this CPZ.

We are not currently proposing any changes to the zone boundaries, but this may be considered along with the scheme times if this review suggests there is widespread support to do so.

Why we are consulting

The purpose of this review is to give you an opportunity to provide feedback on the options. If there is wide support for the changes, we will carry out a formal consultation in time to implement them for the cinema's opening.



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