Grove Park Piazza

Closed 31 Mar 2020

Opened 4 Mar 2020


The Grove Park Piazza is a longstanding community-led project to transform the space by the shops on Grove Park Road by creating a new public square.

The proposal would see the largely car-dominated space changed into one that prioritises people, through widened pavements, improved crossings, new seating and planting. Improved cycle parking, electric vehicle charging and lighting are also key parts of the scheme. The design aims to enhance the attractiveness of the area and create a focal point for the community, which in turn will positively impact local business.

Initial concept designs were developed and consulted upon in partnership wth the Grove Park Group in 2015, following a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness and funding for the project.  The Liveable Neighbourhoods project has allowed this concept to be developed in more detail.

We had initially aimed for the the Piazza design to extend across the Grove Park Road junction with Bolton Road, with pedestrians prioritised. However, the number of vehicles using Bolton Road to connect to Grove Park Bridge is currently too high to safely enable this. Therefore, the design shows a more standard road layout for the Bolton Road end of the piazza. At present over 2,200 vehicles use this section of Bolton Road in an average weekday, with over 270 in the busiest hour. Any extension of the piazza design would require this peak hour figure to be reduced to under 90 vehicles as a minimum.

As part of the wider Liveable Neighbourhoods project, the council will be looking at options for ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’ where the volume and speed of through traffic is reduced on residential streets. These measures will be developed and consulted on separately later this year. If measures can be agreed that reduce the volume of traffic on Bolton Road, prior to the start of construction on the piazza, then the design could still be amended. 

The design proposes reducing the number of car parking bays outside the shops from 14 to 10 and replacing the 3 parking bays outside the Old Station House pub with a dedicated loading bay. To inform the proposed number of parking bays within the design, the council undertook a parking survey on 17 October 2019. This survey assessed the availability of parking spaces every half hour between 7am and 7pm. The results show that of the 13 spaces outside the shops (excluding the one disabled blue badge space), 7 were filled with the same parked vehicle for a period of at least 6 consecutive hours. A further 2 spaces were filled consecutively for at least 3 hours. This demonstrates that the parking bays are not being efficiently utilised and can therefore be reduced in number.

Feedback from the recent area wide Liveable Neighbourhoods consultation has shown broad positive support for the piazza concept, with a number of comments received on issues such as improved cycle parking and bus services, alongside concerns over maintaining vehicle access to the shops for those with disabilities. 

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is the opportunity to focus on the specific plans for the piazza.

On this page you can find a copy of the plan, two visualisations that help to illustrate what the design would look like once complete, and an online survey to provide feedback. The closing date for comments is Tuesday, 31 March.

Unfortunately, due to the current coronavirus outbreak, the council has decided to cancel the proposed consultation sessions, which were planned for Wednesday 18 and Saturday 21 March. We want to ensure that despite these sessions not running, residents have the opportunity to discuss the proposals with a council officer. Please use the contact details at the top of this page, to contact the lead officer (Tom Sharland) if you would like to discuss the proposals in more detail prior to submitting your consultation response.

Officers are also working with the Grove Park Group to arrange for large copies of the plans to be available to view in Cafe Grove (7 Grove Park Road). Please note that this does not replace the consultation sessions, which are not going ahead, but does provide an opportunity to drop by and see the plan in greater detail prior to returning comments.

What Happens Next

Subject to completion of consultation process and further design work, the council will look to secure full funding for the scheme from Transport for London, with a view to starting construction in early 2021.


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