Hounslow's Transport Strategy (Local Implementation Plan 3)

Closed 2 Jan 2019

Opened 5 Nov 2018

Results updated 6 Mar 2019

Following this consultation, Hounslow's Transport Strategy (Local Implementation Plan 3) was approved by Cabinet in February 2019.



Hounslow Borough Council’s third Transport Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) sets out how the borough proposes to deliver the objectives of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) locally. It is a statutory document, prepared under Section 145 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and includes Hounslow’s future transport objectives, a delivery plan and performance targets.

It begins with a description of the current transport situation in Hounslow and builds on this with an analysis of the transport challenges and opportunities faced in the borough. These include issues such as poor air quality, traffic congestion and a lack of orbital transport links. It then identifies where opportunities exist that can help to address these issues, such as the potential to increase walking and cycling in the borough and sets out objectives that will achieve the desired change.

A detailed delivery plan is included for the first three years of implementation (2019/20 to 2021/22) that has been designed to directly address the challenges and objectives, as well as an overview of longer-term initiatives for the period up to 2041.

To ensure that the environmental impact of LIP3 is considered throughout its preparation, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was prepared concurrently.  The SEA identifies and assesses the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the LIP3 and sets out the preferred mitigations.  An Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) has also been prepared to ensure the needs of the whole community are being met, and that no one group is unfairly impacted by the proposals.

The documents mentioned above are available for download at the bottom of this page, this consultation is open for all member of the public to respond.

Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to give everyone an opportunity to assess the challenges, objectives and plans in the LIP3 before submitting them to The Mayor of London for approval.

The issues addressed in the LIP3 extend across Hounslow and affect everyone who lives and works in the borough. By taking part, you will be playing an active role in the development of transport services in the borough, shaping our response to some of the most pressing challenges faced today and directing where investment is targeted.

Before completing the survey, please refer to the LIP documents available for download below. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this consultation.

What happens next

All comments that are received will be considered and the draft LIP amended where appropriate and in accordance with the guidance from Transport for London. The LIP will then be presented to LB Hounslow’s cabinet for approval in March 2019.

After cabinet approval, the final draft of the LIP will then be submitted to the Mayor in March 2019 and we expect approval sometime in April 2019, at which point it becomes the working transport strategy for Hounslow   


  • LIP Open Evening in Council Chamber

    From 11 Dec 2018 at 17:00 to 11 Dec 2018 at 20:00

    Open evening, including workshop and Q&A, to discuss Hounslow's Transport Strategy (Local Implementation Plan 3) with members and officers.


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