HT2 CPZ consultation (relevant to the Hounslow Town Centre South CPZ)

Closed 14 Aug 2019

Opened 17 Jul 2019


Following a review of the existing Hounslow Town Centre South (HTCS) controlled parking zone (CPZ) which included consultation with residents and businesses within the zone, it has been agreed that it will be separated into 2 smaller CPZ's in order to: 

a) prevent cross-zone misuse whereby those residing in roads on the outer extent of the CPZ, are parking for extended periods in roads that are in close proximity to local amenities, e.g. tube stations and shops, and:

b) allow those in closest proximity to the aforementioned amenities, to identify whether they would support slightly extended CPZ operational times due to the increased difficulties they may be experiencing as a result of ongoing residential and commercial development in the vicinity of Hounslow Town Centre.

We are now consulting those roads closest to the High Street (HT2), as listed below, on proposals to consider altering the operational times of the CPZ, and we welcome your feedback on these proposals by completing the survey found below.


Bell Road, Bristow Road, Chapel Road, Depot Road, Douglas Road, Fairfields Road, Gilbert Street, Glenwood Road, Gordon Road, Grove Road (east of Bell Road), Hanworth Road (north east of its junction with Bell Road), Hanworth Terrace, Heath Road, High Street (south side, between its junctions with Staines Road and London Road), Holly Road, Inwood Avenue, Inwood Road, Ivy Road, James Street, Layton Road, Livingstone Road, London Road (south Side, between its junction with High Street and the CPZ boundary), Pears Road, Pownall Gardens, Pownall Road, School Road, Stanley Road, Temple Road and Whitton Road (north of the railway line).

Why We Are Consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an opportunity to assess the proposals before indicating whether you would support changes to the CPZ operational times. We would encourage you to respond even if you do not experience parking difficulties and/or are not in favour of the changes.

Please submit your comments no later than 14 August.

Further details of the review consultation results, and subsequent decisions taken can be found here: - please click Item 10.

If you would like this information in an alternative format, please let us know using the contact information above. If you wish to respond to this consultation by email, please email us at with 'HT2 consultation' in the subject bar. 

What Happens Next

Following the end of consultation, feedback will be reviewed and recommendations provided to Ward Councillors for consideration and a decsion, and this page will be updated in due course. 


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