New Road, Bedfont - One-way southbound

Closed 10 Feb 2020

Opened 13 Jan 2020


In June 2018, the council carried out a traffic management consultation following concerns from New Road residents about the volume of traffic using the road as a through-route. There was broad support for the one-way southbound proposal, and an 18-month trial began in February 2019.

Having reviewed feedback received during the trial and monitored the impact on the surrounding area, we are now consulting on making the trial permanent. If the trial is made permanent, we have developed two junction design options:

Proposed changes to the junctions at either end of New Road

Option 1: Build out at both junctions; mini-roundabout to be retained.

Option 2: Build out at both junctions and remove the mini-roundabout at Staines Road, converting into a priority junction.

With both options, the kerb line changes would make the banned northbound movement less likely. However, approximately 30 vehicles made this movement on an average weekday during the trial, and we would look to introduce additional enforcement measures if needed to ensure compliance.

The plans for these options can be found in the “Related” section below. If the one-way is made permanent, we also propose changes to the waiting and loading restrictions on New Road, near its junction with Staines Road. The single yellow lines would be replaced on the western side with a goods vehicle loading bay, and on the eastern side with no waiting and no loading at any time.  

Traffic calming to reduce speeds

Concerns were also raised about traffic speeds on New Road, and the traffic calming measures approved in 2018 are now at the detailed design stage. The updated plans for this can also be found in the “Related” section below.

Plans for East Road and West Road

East Road has seen an increase in traffic volumes during the trial. If a permanent one-way is introduced, the council plans to consult residents on introducing traffic calming measures on both East Road and West Road. A summary of the traffic survey data can be found here.

Why We Are Consulting

We are carrying out this consultation to hear your views on our proposals.

The online survey below asks if you support making the trial permanent, as well as your preferred design for the junction changes. A link to the statutory consultation stage for the remaining measures is included towards the end of the survey in case you have any further comments about them.

If you would like this information in an alternative format, please contact us.

Consultation feedback will be summarised and presented to ward councillors for their consideration. If approved, the traffic calming and junction changes are expected to be implemented in summer 2020.

What Happens Next

A decision on whether to make the one-way permanent, is expected in March 2020, when we will write to residents again with the outcome of the decision. The decision will also be publicly available and accessible via the council’s website.


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