Northumberland Estate Controlled Parking Zone Review

Closes 22 Jul 2022

Opened 24 Jun 2022

Results expected 12 Aug 2022


The Council is commencing a review of the Northumberland Estate (CPZ) Controlled Parking Zone.

The CPZ operates between Monday - Friday, 9-11am and incorporates Northumberland Avenue (between Wood Lane and Roxborough Avenue), Albury Avenue, Campion Road, Downs View, Harewood Road, Musgrave Road, Parkwood Road, Roxborough Avenue and Wood Lane (between the railway level crossing adjacent to No.12 and the A4 Great West Road.

Why your views matter

The purpose of the review is to seek the views of those who live and work within the zone on its current effectiveness, or otherwise, and to assess whether changes are required in response to any existing concerns.


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