Parking and Business Permit Charges - Proposed Changes

Closed 12 Feb 2020

Opened 15 Jan 2020


The council is proposing changes to incentivise a move away from higher emission vehicles and towards low or zero emission models. We propose introducing discounts for zero emission vehicles, while charges for more polluting vehicles would be increased. 

For example, the current flat rate of £1.20 per half hour on street would be replaced with a variable rate as follows:


Charges for zero emission vehicle

Charges for low emission vehicle (defined below)

Charges for all other vehicles

Up to 30 minutes




Zero and low emission vehicles generate significantly less local air pollution, especially NO2, so this change would help contribute towards improving air quality in line with our Air Quality Action Plan, thereby reducing adverse impact on the health of borough residents.

Pollution from vehicular traffic is also responsible for around a third of carbon dioxide emissions emitted in the borough.  Carbon dioxide is the key pollutant associated with the climate emergency, and the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy (and therefore the Council’s Local Implementation Plan for Transport) is committed to reducing these emissions as quickly as practicable. 

The off-street charges would also be extended to cover Sundays in Hounslow town centre under these proposals. This would ensure that incentives for motorists to drive less polluting vehicles would be in effect 7 days a week, as well as encouraging greater use of active travel methods such as walking and cycling on Sundays.

For these proposed changes, "low emission” for a passenger vehicle means a vehicle registered on or after 1 April 2017 whose CO2 emissions figure does not exceed 50g/km, and for a goods vehicle means a vehicle registered on or after 1 April 2017 whose emissions figure does not exceed 100g/km. This is slightly different than for our resident parking permits, but for those paying the parking charges by phone, the discount would be automatically applied.

The Vehicle Certification Agency has also produced a helpful webpage to check vehicles' emission levels: this can be accessed here.


Why your views matter

While the principle of having different charges based on vehicle emission levels is now well-established for residents' parking permits, having been approved in Hounslow in 2017, we would like to hear your views on our proposal to apply the same approach to business permits and parking charges.

A summary of consultation feedback will be presented to councillors. If any changes to the current charges are approved, this will take effect in April 2020.


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