Pears Road Public Realm Improvements

Closed 24 Jun 2019

Opened 27 May 2019

Feedback expected 30 Sep 2019

Results updated 28 Jan 2020

This scheme was approved following consultation, and the formal decison report is available here. Work is expected to be completed by spring 2020.

Thank you to all those who participated in this consultation,


As part of the redevelopment of Hounslow Town Primary School, we are proposing public realm improvements on Pears Road. We would like to get your views on a number of proposals, including:

  • Permanently closing the emergency access outside the school on Pears Road by constructing a raised shared pedestrian and cycle area 
  • Installing dropped kerbs and bollards at both ends of the new raised area to provide cycle access and prevent vehicle access
  • Implementing “School Keep Clear” markings and parking restrictions at the school entrance at the western end of the closure to prevent obstructive parking.
  • Re-paving some sections of footway and removing pedestrian guardrail to reduce clutter and improve the public realm
  • Installing cycle stands to provide parking for cyclists

Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an opportunity to assess the proposals before indicating your level of support, and providing any suggestions you may have to improve our proposals.

Before completing the short survey below, please refer to the consultation drawing in the 'related' section to see the proposals in more detail.

Please contact us if you require any of this information in an alternative format.

What happens next

Consultation feedback will be summarised and presented to your ward councillors along with our recommendations. We will update the consultation webpage with that information once they have made a decision, which is likely to be by the end of September.


  • Central Hounslow