Proposed Alterations to the Twickenham Event Day controlled parking zone

Closed 16 Dec 2021

Opened 17 Nov 2021

Results updated 22 Aug 2022

Thank you to all those who took part in this consultation.

The results of the consultation did not provide clear support for any of the three options included however, following discussions with local ward councillors, it was agreed that the event day CPZ controls be withdrawn in part from Leigh Road and Norbury Avenue subject to satisfactory completion of the formal (statutory) consultation stage.

The Chief Officer Decision report detailing the results and decision taken is available on our website at Item 9 here.


Following the expansion of the Twickenham ‘event day’ controlled parking zone (CPZ) in March this year, the council have recieved some complaints from some residents of Catherine Gardens which have resulted in a petition being received requesting the removal of the event day parking controls from Leigh Road and Norbury Avenue (between Catherine Gardens and Ellerdine Road).

This petition has been submitted due to concerns from some residents that there will be insufficient parking provisions available in Catherine Gardens during event days due to the surrounding roads being incorporated in the CPZ and residents of Catherine Gardens being ineligible for parking permits in the scheme.

In response to the petition and complaints, and following discussions with your local ward councillors, the council are now commencing a consultation with residents of Catherine Gardens and those on Ellerdine Road within close proximity of Leigh Road and Norbury Avenue.

The purpose of this consultation is to understand residents’ views on the following three options:

Option 1 - Retain Leigh Road and Norbury Avenue (between Catherine Gardens and Ellerdine Road) in the Twickenham event day CPZ as at present. 

This would mean that only valid permits holders can park in these roads whilst the CPZ is operational on event days.

Option 2 - Remove Leigh Road and Norbury Avenue (between Catherine Gardens and Ellerdine Road) from the Twickenham event day CPZ.

This would remove these sections of roads from the CPZ meaning that parking would be ‘uncontrolled’ on event days thereby allowing non-permit holders to park.

Option 3 - Remove part of Leigh Road and Norbury Avenue (between Catherine Gardens and Ellerdine Road) from the Twickenham event day CPZ.

This would split the two sections of roads thereby resulting in part of the road being for use by permit holders on event days whilst the remaining part can be used by non-permit holders.  The ‘split’ would be midway through the roads where the rear gardens of Catherine Gardens and Ellerdine Road meet, with the sections of roads closest to Ellerdine Road being retained in the event day CPZ and the sections closest to Catherine Gardens being removed from the CPZ. 

It should be highlighted that the preferred option will only impact the roads on Twickenham event days and they would continue to be ‘uncontrolled’ on non-event days.

Why your views matter

The council would welcome your views on these proposals, and we strongly encourage you to complete the short below.

Should you require this survey in an alternative format, please email to request this.

You can also submit your comments to us in writing by email or post - please send any comments to us (quoting: 'proposed alterations to Twickenham Event Day CPZ' ) to:, or by post to the following address:

Traffic, Transport and Parking
Hounslow House
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Please complete the online survey by no later than 15 December 2021.

The results of the consultation will be reported to your local ward councillors for consideration and you will be notified of the outcome in due course.


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