Anderson Place detailed design consultation

Closed 5 Aug 2019

Opened 8 Jul 2019


We are consulting on proposals to expand the Hounslow Town Centre South (HTCS) controlled parking zone (CPZ), to include Anderson Place TW3.

This proposal follows a resident petition sent into the council by some residents of Anderson Place, requesting that the road be included in the HTCS CPZ. This is due to the parking difficulties experienced on Anderson Place as a result of shopper parking from Hounslow Town Centre and coincides with a review being undertaken of the CPZ. 

In response to this petition and other complaints recieved, we are now consulting on a possible extension of the HTCS CPZ (which currently operates between Monday-Friday, 9.30am-6pm and Saturday, 9.30am-12.30pm) to include Anderson Place.

Should there be sufficient support for the introduction of parking controls, this road would be included in the surrounding HTCS CPZ and, subject to displaying a valid permit, residents of Anderson Place would be entitled to park in any road within that CPZ during operational times.

Why We Are Consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an opportunity to assess the proposals and the proposed scheme design, before indicating whether you would support the introduction of parking controls.

 I would encourage you to respond even if you do not experience parking difficulties and/or are not in favour of the proposals. Before completing the survey on this page, please refer to the information letter and map, which were sent to area residents via post and can be found below in the 'Related' section. 

The information letter includes a summary of how CPZs work and the costs involved.  Once you are satisfied that you have sufficient information I would be grateful if you would complete the short survey below by no later than 5 August 2019.

Personal information is required for analysis purposes only. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, your personal information will be kept confidential, and your consultation feedback will be retained for a maximum of three years.

Should you prefer this information in an altenative format, please contact us using the email or phone contact details above. 

What Happens Next

Following the end of consultation, feedback will be reviewed and a summary presented to Ward Councillors along with recommendations, for review. This webpage will be updated in due course once the results are available. 


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