Ridgeway Road Detailed Design Consultation Controlled Parking Zone

Closed 5 Nov 2018

Opened 15 Oct 2018


In November 2017, we consulted residents and businesses in the Ridgeway Road / College Road area of Isleworth on the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). The majority of respondents support a CPZ in the Ridgeway Road ‘area’, with the preferred days of operation being Monday - Friday. This can be viewed in the 'Related Documents' section below.

Your local ward Councillors  have agreed to progress the proposals to the detailed design stage, broken down into three areas:

Area 1) Ridgeway Road (RR) CPZ area – to include College Road (north of no.’s 20b and 25), Ridgeway Road (between College Road and Church Road), Borough Road, Osterley Crescent, Highfield Road and the section of Musgrave Road;

Area 2) Thornbury Avenue (TA) CPZ Extension – to include Church Road (between Osterley Road and Ridgeway Road) and Ridgeway Road (between Church Road and the A4); and

Area 3) Thornbury Avenue (TA) or Spring Grove (SG) CPZ Extension – to include Osterley Road (between The Grove and Church Road) and Aplin Way.

Why your views matter

The proposed extension of the Thornbury Avenue ‘area’ CPZ, to take in sections of Church Road (east of Osterley Crescent) and Ridgeway Road (north of Church Road), has been recommended due to the support received from respondents in these roads for similar restrictions to those in the Thornbury Avenue ‘area’ CPZ. The current hours of operation for the Thornbury Avenue CPZ are Monday-Friday 10 am-12noon .

Regarding the Ridgeway Road ‘area’, it has been noted that respondents of Borough Road, Highfield Road and Osterley Crescent did not support the introduction of parking controls during the initial consultation. However, we are consulting these roads, as displaced parking could otherwise affect them if a CPZ were introduced in College Road and Ridgeway Road.

The final area relates to Aplin Way and Osterley Road (south of Church Road), where residents are being given the option of being included in either the Thornbury Avenue (TA) CPZ or the Spring Grove (SG) CPZ. This is due to concerns that displaced parking could cause parking issues in these roads if CPZs are introduced in neighbouring roads. The proposed CPZ does not extend to Deborah Close, Meadowbank Close or St Andrew’s Close, as these are private, unadopted roads, although residents will be eligible for parking permits if a CPZ is progressed. The operational times of the Thornbury Avenue CPZ are Monday-Friday 10am-12noon and those for the Spring Grove CPZ are Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm.


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