Riverside Ward, Chiswick, CPZ (Preliminary)

Closed 23 Jul 2018

Opened 29 Jun 2018


The council has received complaints regarding obstructive and indiscriminate parking on roads in the Riverside ward of Chiswick, attributed to the possible displacement of vehicles from the introduction of parking controls in neighbouring roads in the last six months. As a result, we are undertaking a consultation regarding a possible Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in this area.

Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to give you an opportunity to assess the proposals before indicating whether you would support a CPZ, and to comment on the proposed design. I would encourage you to respond even if you do not experience parking difficulties and/or are not in favour of the CPZ. Before completing the survey on this page, please refer to the information letter and map, which were sent to area residents via post and can be found below in the 'Related' section .

What happens next

The Riverside CPZ consultation has now closed. We had a good response rate, and the feedback is currently being reviewed by the Traffic team before being presented to ward councillors for consideration later this year. All residents within the consultation area will receive a letter informing them of the outcome. If you live outside the area, but would like to be kept informed, we will also provide a further update on this consultation page when available.


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