Nishkam School Streets - Stags, Braybourne, Crowntree and Wyke

Closed 30 Sep 2018

Opened 18 Aug 2018

Feedback expected 31 Oct 2018

Results updated 29 Apr 2019

Thank you to those who participated in this additional Nishkam School Streets consultation about extending the “resident only access” restrictions to Stags Way, Braybourne Drive, Crowntree Close, and Wyke Close. The feedback received demonstrated an almost exactly even split in opinion, and it was therefore deemed appropriate to maintain the status quo at the current time


Following consultation with residents and businesses within the Nishkam School area in April 2018, the council is proceeding with the introduction of red route controls and some "resident only access" restrictions to help prevent/restrict the pick up and set down of pupils in residential streets, to be implemented in time for the new school term in September.

To ensure we fully understand the views of residents of Stags Way, Braybourne Drive, Crowntree Close, and Wyke Close, and can finalise the proposed scheme accordingly, we are now carrying out further consultation focussed on residents of these streets.

Why your views matter

Some changes were made to the "resident only access" element of the proposed scheme as the result of the original consultation, namely to remove the £25 administration fee for the duration of the trial and to allow retrospective registration of visitors up to the end of the working day.

Further engagement including a public meeting has since taken place, and support has subsequently been forthcoming from residents of Gower Road and Oaklands Avenue, so the proposed access restrictions will be implemented on these roads in September along with the red route controls.

However, a petition had been submitted by residents of Braybourne Drive and Stags Way against the proposed access restrictions, requesting that an arrangement using a bollard system be provided instead.

The council shared additional information explaining its opposition to such a system at the public meeting, reiterating that ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition) cameras are our preferred solution. This information is included in the related links/documents section below, in the FAQs and in the Public Meeting Presentation (from slide 23 onwards).

While the meeting was well-attended, there was no clear consensus among residents of these streets. We therefore decided the best course of action was a further consultation focussed on Stags Way, Braybourne Drive, Crowntree Close, and Wyke Close. The survey below asks residents for their views on the resident only access restrictions, having considered that:

  1. ANPR-enforced access restrictions are being introduced on Gower Road and Oaklands Avenue in September 2018
  2. The council does not support an alternative access restriction system involving rising bollards or barriers

Please note this consultation is open until the end of September, so you may wish to wait until the approved measures have been introduced to help inform your feedback in the survey. 

What happens next

Feedback from this consultation will be communicated to your local councillors with officers' recommendations, whereupon they will decide if access restrictions should be extended to Stags Way, Braybourne Drive, Crowntree Close, and Wyke Close. Regardless of the decision, the Nishkam School Streets scheme will be closely monitored for the duration of the trial, and we will be pleased to receive further feedback using the contact details on this page.


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