Streetspace Feedback

Closes 27 Dec 2020

Opened 23 Jun 2020


The Hounslow Streetspace programme has seen a wide range of traffic management measures introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These measures include many that were put forwards by residents during our Streetspace consultation in May - June 2020, alongside some existing projects which are now being delivered with greater urgency.  The measures are intended to improve safety and social distancing for those making trips on foot or bike. This also helps keep roads clear of traffic for those that have less of an alternative to travelling by car.



Why We Are Consulting

We are now requesting your feedback on measures introduced through our Streetspace programme. While Streetspace was developed in response to the pandemic, it supports long-term council goals such as improving air quality, making our road network as safe as possible and prioritising active travel. This feedback will be considered alongside other data, including road safety, air quality, and traffic data, in determining the future of the proposals. We are also keen to know if you think we should consider making any trial measures permanent.

Please use the link below to provide your feedback. A dropdown box allows you to select the measure you wish to provide feedback on. Feedback can only be provided once a measure has been implemented, and will be accepted for the duration of all trials.

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