Swyncombe Avenue - Trial No Entry

Closes 12 Feb 2022

Opened 2 Aug 2021


The council has received many expressions of concern from residents of Swyncombe Avenue about the volume of traffic using the road as a through route. The council’s Local Implementation Plan approved in February 2019 stated that support will be given to residents who want to reduce through traffic in their streets.

To date, the council has implemented a 7.5t weight restriction to prohibit goods vehicles on Swyncombe Avenue. In December 2020, we consulted on a proposal for an eastbound “buses and permit holders only” restriction due to the increase in traffic caused by the introduction of Ealing Council’s LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) 21 scheme. This scheme has now been removed.

We are now progressing an alternative trial proposal to introduce a “No Entry” restriction for all motor vehicles entering Swyncombe Avenue from Boston Manor Road; there would be no permit holders and the restriction would apply equally to all motor vehicles. The council believes this full “No Entry” proposal would have a higher level of compliance and result in a greater reduction in traffic than our original proposal.  The weight restriction will remain in place to prohibit westbound goods vehicles. 

The trial will operate for a maximum of 18 months. Monitoring the impacts of the trial no-entry will be undertaken at various times between 3 and 12 months into the trial. The results of the monitoring and the responses received to the consultation will help to inform the decision as to whether the trial should be altered, made permanent or removed. Our consultation will be open until 12 February 2022, and we would strongly encourage you to share your input, whether you have a positive or negative view of how the trial is working.

How would this proposal impact journeys on local roads?

It is possible roads to the north of Swyncombe Avenue may see an increase in traffic volume if the restriction is implemented. As these roads are outside of the Borough of Hounslow, the London Borough of Ealing has also been consulted and any feedback they provide will be published as part of the report to councillors.

Would vehicular access be maintained to my property?

Access would be maintained to all properties, but, some journeys may take longer. Access into Swyncombe Avenue would only be available from Windmill Road.

How would this impact access for the emergency services?

The council is consulting with the emergency services and other key stakeholders. Any feedback they provide will be reviewed as part of the trial.

Has an equalities impact assessment been carried out on this proposal?

We have undertaken a scheme-specific equalities impact assessment based on the information we received during the consultation on our original proposal.  The assessment will continue to be updated during the trial and any feedback received will help inform the decision-making process.

Traffic survey data

Residents’ concerns have been confirmed by traffic surveys carried out on Swyncombe Avenue. In January 2019, surveys showed a total weekday average of over 9,800 vehicles. Recent surveys carried out in May following the removal of LTN21 indicated over 7,500 vehicles still using the road over the course of a day.

Please see the ‘Related Documents’ section for a plan of the proposals and the Equalities Impact Assessment. Please note that we continually update the Equalities Impact Assessment in response to feedback received

Why your views matter

We're carrying out this consultation in order to hear your views on the proposals. We welcome feedback and comments that can help inform our plans, and would appreciate you filling out the short survey by clicking 'Give us your views' below. 

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