Waldeck Road cycle parking

Closed 30 Aug 2019

Opened 2 Aug 2019


The council has recently installed our first on-street bikehangar in Chiswick at Ashbourne Grove and has received a further request from several residents on Waldeck Road.

Bikehangars offer secure cycle parking for residents in areas where the ability to safely store bikes within a property, or within the front/rear garden, is limited.

This is part of the council’s commitment to encourage more sustainable forms of transport for daily journeys.

The proposed location of the bikehangar is shown on the plan below . The location is on the south side of Waldeck Road, opposite No.2 and to the side of No.25 Hearne Road, adjacent to the existing double yellow lines at the junction.

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The width of the hanger on the street is just under 2m and therefore comparable to the width of a standard family car parked in the same location. The hanger is 2.5m long and the dimensions are therefore equivalent to half a car parking space.

Each hangar provides storage for 6 bikes.

For further information on bikehangars, please visit the Cyclehoop website. 

While the council covers the installation cost of new bikehangars via an annual grant allocation from Transport for London to increase cycle parking provision in the borough, there is a rental fee per year of £72 per space, plus a deposit for a key (£25). The allocation of spaces is managed by the council’s contractor, Cyclehoop, and ensures the ongoing maintenance of the bikehangar.

In addition to giving your views on this, please do also contact us if you would be interested in renting a space within the hangar.

Why We Are Consulting

We're carrying out this consultation in order to hear your views on the proposals. We welcome feedback and comments that can help inform our plans. Please refer to the information provided including the map and plan.   

What Happens Next

Following the end of consultation, and once the results have been analysed, an outcome will be placed on this webpage in due course. 


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